Top Cottage In Hyde Park NY

The term ‘cottage’ may conjure unpretentious images of cozy playhouses in well-tended gardens, but the Top Cottage in Hyde Park NY is an ultra-luxury residence that stands out even among other celebrity homes. The massive stone house was originally built around 1900 by successful shoe designer Alfred Shoe for his family.

Covered with vines, this historic building looks like something straight out of a fairy tale book. And it’s become just that for many young girls growing up nearby—the local kids give it a wide berth when passing through on their way to school. Inside, however, visitors will find only the finest amenities and finishes throughout all four levels of living space, which are connected by two elevators.

The house is currently on the market for $5.995 million, making it the most expensive home to ever hit the Hudson Valley real estate market. Read through our photos to see what all the buzz is about!

1. The Top Cottage in Hyde Park NY stands out among celebrity homes not only because of its size, but also because of its unique facade and stone towers. From any angle, this structure draws visitors’ eyes upward.

2. A closer peek reveals that vines have crept up over much of the exterior surface, causing two tower roofs at either end to collapse inward. Even so, this dramatic look seems fitting for a building that has sat since at least 2000—the cobwebs in some corners are proof of this!

3. Clearly, the exterior is not in its original condition. A closer look at some clean sections reveals that these stones were once smooth and had more uniform coloring.

4. At ground level, bold yellow doorways stand out against the rest of the facade. On either side, two windows peek out from under an overhanging roofline with dark shingles that would match better if they weren’t falling apart at the seams.

5. Visitors will step up onto a stone porch complete with wraparound bench seating before entering through double doors into.