We are very, very excited to finally announce that we plan to launch PATHOGENESIS - STD EXPANSION on Kickstarter next Wednesday October 17th!

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Pathogenesis STD & V2.0


What will this Kickstarter include?


  • Pathogenesis STD Expansion
  • Pathogenesis 2nd edition (full reprint of the base game)
  • 2.0 update pack (for original backers to update their first edition games to the 2nd edition rules)


What's new to the game?


Pathogenesis STD adds the fourth tract to the body, the Genitourinary tract, introducing pathogens, traits, and virulence factors appropriate for this area of the body. Further, keeping to the science, the Genitourinary tract has no toxin cards but instead a new mechanic has been introduced, Collateral Damage cards!

Pathogenesis 2.0 (2nd edition full reprint): The immune system for the 2nd edition of Pathogenesis has been updated. These updates include 4 immune system cards (4 copies of each) that are more consistently damaging than before as well as updated antibody tokens that have an attack value of their own. The adaptive immune system response is now less volatile and even more dangerous than before!


Let's have a big first day!   The first day of a Kickstarter is vital to the success of a campaign.  The bigger the first day, the higher the project gets ranked on Kickstarter, and the more people who see the project.  We will be so grateful to anyone who backs the project and/or shares the project on social media on day 1.