Hyde Park NY

Hyde Park NY is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in New York City. As a neighborhood it is known for its beautiful homes, historic landmarks and famous residents like Eleanor Roosevelt. It borders three other popular NYC destinations: Woodlawn Cemetery, which was converted into the largest public park in New York City north of Central Park – Van Cortlandt Park – and Woods (the site of the 1939 Worlds Fair). A short drive south brings you to the grand estate of Kykuit and The Pocantico Hills where they host very popular events such as outdoor concerts and theater productions.

Hyde Park NY is also known as “Little Rhody” because many people who live there now were actually born in the state of Rhode Island. There are also many individuals that currently live or have lived in Hyde Park NY that were born in the Caribbean Islands including Jamaica, St. Vincent and The Grenadines, Haiti, Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago.

The name “Little Rhody” was derived from the fact that most who now reside there originally came from one of those countries in southeastern New England. This is a relatively new phenomena however as most who live in Hyde Park NY did not begin to move here until around 1980 when its popularity began to rise with this ethnic group. Today it is well known for its large number of residents with either their direct familial background originating from these parts of the world or whose ancestors are from these parts of the world.

During the year, there are many events that take place in the neighborhood to celebrate diversity and culture, which also brings people from all over New York City to come party! Some of these festivals include The Annual West Indian Parade, Strawberry Festival & Labor Day Celebrations, African Music Festival and Heritage Festivals. There is so much going on during the summer in Hyde Park NY! Many people either rent houses or stay with family members when they visit because most hotels tend to be expensive here. However this isn’t a problem whatsoever because you can find affordable accommodations for even your entire family if need be!