Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site In Hyde Park NY

Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site In Hyde Park NY is the place where Eleanor Roosevelt was born and lived in.

This historic site is operated by National Park Service which has owned this house since 1948. This amazing home of Eleanor Roosevelt is open to public for visiting. The family of Roosevelt donated this house to Nation in 1941, when they planned on converting it into museum . It became a museum in1948 when NPS took over. Though mansion underwent several renovation between 1989 to 1999, the changes are again reverted according to original designs in 2005 under leadership of Bill Allman who also designed Top Cottage at Val-Kill Industries

Eleanor Roosevelt was married with Franklin D.Roosevelt in 1905 .It is said that she spent almost twenty years in this house after her wedding .She raised five children in this house. She also had a teaching career here from 1908 to 1917 at Todhunter School .She took up writing as well and wrote her autobiography “This Is My Story” in 1937, which turned out to be bestseller of that year.

In addition to its historical significance , it is a great place for tours and learning about Eleanor Roosevelt’s significant accomplishments too.There are artifacts, pictures and mementos on display inside the rooms of the house. There are guided tour bookings available as well.