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Designed by Jamie & Loren Cunningham (Transylvania: Curses & Traitors) in partnership with scientific illustrator somersault18:24, Pathogenesis is a deck building game in which players take on the role of bacterial pathogens attacking a human host. The pathogens must survive the body's powerful immune response, adapt in an ever changing environment, and evolve to take on virulence factors to increase their attack, defense, and other abilities so that they may do enough damage to defeat the body before the human host becomes immune and all the players lose the game. After a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign raising over $75,000 the game was delivered on schedule to backers around the world.


  • The game is highly scalable, allowing players to choose their level of difficulty and the length of game they wish to play.
  • Pathogenesis blends the feel of center-row style deck builders such as Star Realms and Ascension with mechanics based 100% on real science, simulating the roles of pathogens and the immune system at each phase of the game.
  • Modes of play include solo, competitive, cooperative, team play, and classroom.
  • Who might like this game?  Avid gamers, fans of deck builders, medicine & science enthusiasts, teachers and students from high school to college level and beyond.Coming to kickstarter in


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English Resources

Pathogenesis V2 Rule Book — Pathogenesis V1 to V2 Update Pack

 Pathogenesis V1 Rule Book — Pathogenesis V1 Component List

 Replacement Petri Dish Stickers


International Translations

Pathogenesis V2 Rule Book - Français (French)

Pathogenesis V2 Rule Book - Polski (Polish)

1-4 players, age 14+, 30-60mins



How To Play

Pathogenesis is all about building pathogens to withstand the punishing immune response and defeat the body.  The pathogens put in play stay in play (until destroyed by the immune system) allowing you to continue to build them and attack the body each turn, unlike most deck building games where all cards are discarded at the end of your turn. 

How To Play: Pathogens

You begin the game with your own personal deck of 10 cards:

How To Play: Starting Cards

These cards allow you to gain and use genetic value to acquire stronger pathogens, trait cards, toxin cards, and environment cards. The upgraded cards acquired on previous turns will cycle back into your hand on future turns allowing you to play them on existing pathogens increasing their attack, defense, and other abilities.

The pathogens' first task is to attack the body and breach the body's defense barriers:

How To Play: Barriers

Once the body's defensive barriers are breached, the immune system activates and your pathogens must survive the body's powerful immune response each turn before you are able to damage the body and take victory points.

How to Play: Immune System Attacks

The initial immune response is dealt from deck 1. When this deck runs out the discard pile is shuffled into immune deck 2 to form the final immune response. If players do not meet the game end damage condition before the final immune deck runs out then the body declares immunity and all of the players lose the game.


View the Pathogenesis V2 Rule Book!


HATE RULE BOOKS? - CHECK OUT THESE HOW TO PLAY VIDEOS! Below is a link to 7 short videos that will show you how to play the game from set up, how to play your turn, and the various aspects of game play followed by a complete solo game example.  You can skip through the videos using the arrows on either side.



Want to play a demo of the game now?

The "Play Now" link below will take you to a virtual demo of Pathogenesis V2 including the STD Expansion on A membership to Tabletopia is not required but you must have a compatible web browser (Firefox, Safari, or Explorer) and create a free login. In order to invite friends you will then share the specific in-game URL generated link (not the link below) with your friends. This demo will give you a chance to get a digital look at all of the game's components and play the game. .



A small selection of the over 75 beautiful and scientific accurate images from somersault1824 in Pathogenesis

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